Hi Brow & Lash Lift Treatments

For those looking to enhance their natural beauty with a slightly shorter treatment, the Hi Brow and Lash Lift treatments are ideal.

Both of these treatments only take around an hour, dramatically enhance eyelashes and eyebrows without the use of pigmentation or adhesives, and can last for up to six weeks.

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iAppeal Lash Lift and Tint

This treatment is carried out on your natural lashes. It gives straight lashes a bend which lasts until your natural lash sheds which can be 6-8 weeks. You can also wear mascara for that extra va va voom. 

It's low maintenance so a great alternative for those who can't wear semi permanent lash extensions, still love their mascara or don't have time to keep up with infills. Your lashes need to be of good health and not too short to benefit from this treatment. 

All lash Lifts include complimentary Lash Tint.

A patch test is essential at least 24hrs prior to the treatment

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HiBrow Definition

If you’re looking for shaped, tinted and styled eyebrows, then Hi Brow professional treatment is perfect for you. Hi Brow professional treatment shapes, colours and styles your brows, creating symmetrical and defined brows that frame and enhance your features. The treatment uses Hi Brow innovative shaping wand and Brow Stix measuring tools to map out the shape of the brow. The tools are aligned with your facial features to coordinate the best suited shape for your face, enabling perfectly arched and angled brows.

A combination of waxing, threading and tweezing are used to structure and tidy the brow. Waxing removes unwanted and unruly hair. Threading blends in harsh ends to create a clean and groomed look; tweezers are used to sculpt the eyebrow shape, plucking small hairs that weren’t previously removed.

Tint is applied to the brow, balancing the colour to create an even contrast throughout the brow. Brow powder styles and defines the brow, while highlighter camouflages the redness around the eye.

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