Henna Brow

If you're eyebrow obsessed, then you'll definitely have heard of henna brows.  Its the latest craze sweeping the world of eyebrow treatments.  Not only is it totally vegan-friendly and chemical-free, Henna is a form of eyebrow tinting that not only dyes the hair but also stains the skin to achieve a darker finish and the appearance of a fuller brow, and can last up to 3 weeks if proper aftercare is followed.  Treatment includes brow mapping and shaping.
45 min treatment, £40

Laminating Treatment

Brow lamination is a beauty trend fresh from Moscow, where the beauty and salon culture is huge! The idea is to not add in hairs, but brush them all in the same direction and fix them there.  The beenfit of this is not only do eyebrows look groomed and tidy, but also much, much thicker, and they don't move around.  It lasts for around a month, and this treatment includes brow mapping and shaping.
40 min treatment, £40

Pssst!  Patch testing is recommended, and we request you complete a legal waive form without testing.